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Mobile apps help HR pros reach many employees at once

Human resources professionals seeking innovative ways to pass information to employees need to accept the new reality: mobile is THE new social networking platform. With more than 2.1 billion smart phone users on the planet, the most direct route to virtually everyone … Read More

mobile apps

How Mobile Apps Change The Way We Communicate At Work

People from all around the world are beginning to get closer than ever before. Organizations have offices spread worldwide with employees from all different backgrounds, and mobile is allowing all these people to become more connected. Knowing what’s happening at your offices in … Read More

mobile apps for communication

Mobile Apps the New Face of Communication?

A face-to-face meeting has turned into an email correspondence, meeting someone at the bar has turned into a left or right swipe of a profile, spending nights researching in a library has turned into unlimited access to real-time information at a … Read More