5 Ways To Get That Promotion

You have been at your current position for some time now, and you like your job. You are good at it, and you are well-liked by your co-workers and your supervisors. So, why aren’t you getting promoted? If you have … Read More

HR Managing contingent workers

Why HR Managers Must Handle The Contingent Workforce.

Most human resources managers have so much on their plate these days that there is a tendency to want to look the other way when it comes to the company’s contingent workforce. But you can’t. If you are not involved … Read More

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Getting Your Sales Team In The Game.

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5 Ways To Stimulate Employee Creativity.

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workplace flexibility modern workers

Workplace Flexibility Highly Valued By Modern Workers.

The average worker in the United States now puts in a 47-hour work week, Forbes magazine reports, and most employees are expected to be reachable even on their personal time. The pressure has more than half of American employees feeling … Read More

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How to Respond to the New Wave of Automation in the Workforce

The future for the human resources professional will be dramatically impacted by the dawn of what pundits are referring to as the fourth Industrial Revolution. As an indication of what’s to come, the information and technology research company Gartner recently … Read More