cloud elearning solutions

Are You Ready to Embrace Cloud eLearning Solutions?

Cloud eLearning solutions, viewed skeptically by many companies in their original phase, are now growing rapidly in favor. When accessed from an external infrastructure, they are inexpensive to operate and virtually hassle-free with IT support services often included. All you … Read More

big data impacts elearning

How Big Data Impacts Your eLearning Initiatives

Never has the gathering of data been more important to business. Because we have moved to an experience economy from a manufacturing economy, our focus is not just on offering a product or service, but rather in providing our end … Read More

incentives for employee learning

Incentives to Encourage Your Employees to Learn.

Employees who start each day with packed schedules are often unreceptive to requests to volunteer for additional training. In their eyes, they already have enough to do, they are not convinced that what is being asked of them is relevant, … Read More

training for the inclusive workplace

Beyond Diversity: Training for the Inclusive Workplace

Training For The Inclusive Workplace   Diversity is a hot topic of conversation in human resources and staffing circles. As we are a productivity and collaboration tool used for the purpose of educating, training and helping employees, thereby, we always … Read More

keep learners attention

How To Keep A Learner’s Attention

If your company’s training is still fixed on the traditional method of a lecturer delivering facts and procedures at the front of a classroom as employees listen with varying degrees of alertness, your human resources department may want to lead … Read More