taking human resources digital

“Design thinking” is the new way to take HR digital

If you are thinking about adding digital applications to your delivery of human resources this year, remember that it is more than just developing a few apps and offering them to your employees. In fact, the new term for adding … Read More

managing contract workers

3 Considerations for Managing the Contract Employee

The gig economy is no longer a prediction; it’s a reality for companies all over the United States. According to The Freelancer’s Union, there are more than 42% of people earning their living as contract workers in America alone, and … Read More

employee engagement

5 Simple Ways to Support Employee Engagement.

It is unrealistic to consider that human resources departments can foster employee engagement for an entire organization, but they can be strategic partners and coaches in the process of getting it started. Here are five simple ways you can encourage … Read More

employee learning paths

Why Each Employee Needs A Learning Path

As predictions of the next industrial revolution rise and new technology takes its place in corporations around the world,  the challenge of helping employees upgrade their skills is only going to grow in the coming years. Yet while millions are … Read More