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Mobile Training: Dominating the eLearning Industry

Mobile Training: Dominating the eLearning Industry The latest figures tell a story of a learning tsunami that will sweep North America and beyond in the next 12 months: Mobile training is set to dominate the eLearning industry. Figures from Ambient … Read More

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5 eLearning Trends to Watch for in 2017

5 eLearning Trends to Watch for in 2017 The eLearning industry continues to increase rapidly as hundreds of thousands of individuals and corporations are turning to it because it works, it is less expensive than traditional training, and it is … Read More

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Using stimulus to keep users engaged and retaining information.

Using stimulus to keep users engaged and retaining information. Video games have been around for several decades now, and in that time, have undergone a drastic transformation. While you might look at Atari’s Pac-Man and the current bleeding-edge virtual reality … Read More

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Are You Ready to Embrace Cloud eLearning Solutions?

Cloud eLearning solutions, viewed skeptically by many companies in their original phase, are now growing rapidly in favor. When accessed from an external infrastructure, they are inexpensive to operate and virtually hassle-free with IT support services often included. All you … Read More

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How Big Data Impacts Your eLearning Initiatives

Never has the gathering of data been more important to business. Because we have moved to an experience economy from a manufacturing economy, our focus is not just on offering a product or service, but rather in providing our end … Read More

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How To Keep A Learner’s Attention

If your company’s training is still fixed on the traditional method of a lecturer delivering facts and procedures at the front of a classroom as employees listen with varying degrees of alertness, your human resources department may want to lead … Read More

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Why Repositioning Content Is The Wrong Strategy For Mobile Learning

When it comes to mobile learning, one of the biggest mistakes human resources professionals can make is to build their strategy repositioning educational materials, originally developed for learning, on a computer. In the beginning, modifying learning materials seemed like a … Read More