great team-building exercises

Great Team-Building Exercises That Don’t Involve Blindfolds and Falling Backwards

Great Team-Building Exercises, No Blindfolds and Falling Backwards   The thing about team-building games is that you cannot assume your employees will enter into them with the unbridled zest of a 12-year-old summer camp student. For many people, the idea of … Read More

use mobile apps

4 Good Reasons to Use More Mobile Apps

4 Good Reasons to Use More Mobile Apps A lot of corporate managers are slow to embrace mobile technology in the workplace. They see it as something the employees would like and might spend their time using, but they aren’t … Read More

making homeworking work for your business

Making Homeworking Work for Your Business

Making Homeworking Work for Your Business Homeworking has always been something that many corporate companies have been uneasy about. It received a lot of bad press following the high profile announcement that Yahoo would be removing all homeworking privileges. Perhaps … Read More

workplace trends HR

Changes in the Workplace Mean Big Changes for HR

Changes in the Workplace Mean Big Changes for HR For more than 300 years, the principal drivers of jobs and the distribution of wealth has been skills and knowledge, and after the 2008 recession, the same holds true – although … Read More

workplace trends changes

Ready or Not Change is Coming in Your Workplace

By 2020, human resources departments will have to deal with challenges unique to all previous generations, suggest the authors of a ground-breaking view of the future of the workplace. Jeanne C. Meister and Karie Willyerd, authors of “The 2020 Workplace: … Read More

workplace creativity ideas

Use “Creativity Light” to Spur Unusual Ideas at Meetings

Traditional tactics to spur creativity at meetings tend to be serious. Lighten the mood and watch the perspective change the next time you summon your team to look at an issue from a new perspective. Here are 6 non-traditional ways … Read More

important employee bonuses

The 3 Preferred Employee Bonuses

Bestowing bonuses on employees you value and who perform to the maximum time and time again is an important component of any corporate culture. After all, it makes sense to reward the people who really want to keep on your … Read More

HR corporate lifespan

How HR Professionals Can Adapt to the Changing Lifespan of Corporations

Something is happening to the major corporations of the world. They are moving through their life phases faster than ever before and dying earlier than in any previous era. In the last century, the average lifetime of a corporation listed … Read More

millennial workers on the move

Corporate Ladder or Climbing Wall? Helping the Millennial on the Move

Millennial workers want new jobs and new assignments every year to two years, according to the Deloitte third annual millennial survey. Furthermore, they have no intention of waiting three to five years for a promotion like baby boomers did. The … Read More

mobile technology for HR

What Does Mobile Success Look Like for the HR Professional?

The growth of mobile solutions in your human resources department perfectly coincides with the tremendous growth of the mobile workforce in the global economy.  But how do you know if you are keeping up with the trend? What does mobile … Read More