about informal learning

Why Informal Learning is so Effective?

Why Informal Learning is so Effective? An increasing number of corporations and organizations are turning away from classroom seminars and engaging their employees in informal learning opportunities. Informal learning is a term used to describe learning that takes place outside … Read More

millennial customer

Catching the Millennial Customer Requires a New Approach

Catching the Millennial Customer Requires a New Approach Courting the millennial customer is just as challenging as incorporating the millennial employee into your workplace. One thing is increasingly clear to human resources departments and that is, the old rules no … Read More

impressing millennial employees

Why Free Pizza and a Treadmill Won’t Woo Your Millennial Worker

Offering to bring in free pizza if employees work through lunch or sticking a treadmill in a makeshift corporate gym won’t impress or entice the millennial worker to your firm. But new technology will. According to the 2016 Future Workforce … Read More

good millennials leaders

Why Millennials are Likely to Make Good Leaders

The reality of tomorrow’s workplace is that within a very short time, millennials will be ensconced in all the significant leadership posts in the world, from corporations to organizations to government. The question arises as to what kind of leaders … Read More

coaching millennials

Why You Need to Coach and Train Your Millennials

By the year 2020, a University of North Carolina study suggests that millennials will make up 46 percent, or almost half, of the entire workforce in the United States. This will necessitate a number of changes in both technology use … Read More

millennial workers on the move

Corporate Ladder or Climbing Wall? Helping the Millennial on the Move

Millennial workers want new jobs and new assignments every year to two years, according to the Deloitte third annual millennial survey. Furthermore, they have no intention of waiting three to five years for a promotion like baby boomers did. The … Read More