build team collaboration

How to Build a Collaborative Team

How to Build a Collaborative Team In the life of a company, there are an increasingly large number of circumstances where it is suddenly necessary to assemble a team of people with special skills who can come together to get … Read More

eLearning trends of 2017

5 Top ELearning Trends of 2017

5 Top ELearning Trends of 2017 The discussion about whether or not corporations and organizations should be using eLearning programs to train their employees belongs to an earlier decade. In 2017, eLearning is a reality because it has been proven … Read More

eLearning trends 2017

5 eLearning Trends to Watch for in 2017

5 eLearning Trends to Watch for in 2017 The eLearning industry continues to increase rapidly as hundreds of thousands of individuals and corporations are turning to it because it works, it is less expensive than traditional training, and it is … Read More

address book dilemma

The 5 Best Apps to Deal With the Address Book Dilemma

The 5 Best Apps to Deal With the Address Book Dilemma For many of us, the challenge of keeping the addresses and contact information of the people we want to stay in touch with and culling out the duplicated, the … Read More

workplace trends changes

Ready or Not Change is Coming in Your Workplace

By 2020, human resources departments will have to deal with challenges unique to all previous generations, suggest the authors of a ground-breaking view of the future of the workplace. Jeanne C. Meister and Karie Willyerd, authors of “The 2020 Workplace: … Read More

workplace creativity ideas

Use “Creativity Light” to Spur Unusual Ideas at Meetings

Traditional tactics to spur creativity at meetings tend to be serious. Lighten the mood and watch the perspective change the next time you summon your team to look at an issue from a new perspective. Here are 6 non-traditional ways … Read More

HR corporate lifespan

How HR Professionals Can Adapt to the Changing Lifespan of Corporations

Something is happening to the major corporations of the world. They are moving through their life phases faster than ever before and dying earlier than in any previous era. In the last century, the average lifetime of a corporation listed … Read More

changes in HR industry

The HR Industry landscape is changing rapidly

Every work sector has experienced dramatic changes in the last two decades as the technological revolution gathers speed. But none have changed the way they work more completely than the human resources industry. From recruiting to hiring to training to … Read More

HR intelligent assistance

Why Your HR Department Needs To Think About IAs Now

For most people, the step across the threshold into the world of accepting help from intelligent assistants (IAs) came when Apple introduced Siri. You could ask this technological wizard anything and marvel at her responses, or puzzle at them if … Read More

leadership strategy

When Was Your Leadership Strategy Last Updated?

If your company’s leadership strategy hasn’t been updated in the last decade, as a human resources professional you should consider tearing it up and starting from square one. Traditional strategies failed to take into consideration three dramatic workplace changes that … Read More