employee happiness

How Far Will You go to Keep Your Employees Happy?

How Far Will You go to Keep Your Employees Happy? In an increasingly tight labor market, one of the hottest trends is just how creative human resources professionals can get in recommending ways to keep employees happy and willing to … Read More

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Why Free Pizza and a Treadmill Won’t Woo Your Millennial Worker

Offering to bring in free pizza if employees work through lunch or sticking a treadmill in a makeshift corporate gym won’t impress or entice the millennial worker to your firm. But new technology will. According to the 2016 Future Workforce … Read More

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Workplace Flexibility Highly Valued By Modern Workers.

The average worker in the United States now puts in a 47-hour work week, Forbes magazine reports, and most employees are expected to be reachable even on their personal time. The pressure has more than half of American employees feeling … Read More