learning technology

Why Isn’t Everyone Jumping On The Learning Technology Bandwagon?

The average human resources professional in the past 24 months has been inundated with offers by suppliers of learning technologies to create apps for virtually every aspect of their business. Most of us are intrigued especially by the concept of … Read More

mobile learning

Give HR An Advantage With Mobile Learning

The past decade or so has seen a tremendous explosion in the technology being used within the HR industry. Internet and web-based  platforms are nearly ubiquitous now, and one area that has benefited greatly from this technologization has been training. … Read More

mobile learning strategy

Why Repositioning Content Is The Wrong Strategy For Mobile Learning

When it comes to mobile learning, one of the biggest mistakes human resources professionals can make is to build their strategy repositioning educational materials, originally developed for learning, on a computer. In the beginning, modifying learning materials seemed like a … Read More

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Mobile Apps the New Face of Communication?

A face-to-face meeting has turned into an email correspondence, meeting someone at the bar has turned into a left or right swipe of a profile, spending nights researching in a library has turned into unlimited access to real-time information at a … Read More