mobile technology for HR

What Does Mobile Success Look Like for the HR Professional?

The growth of mobile solutions in your human resources department perfectly coincides with the tremendous growth of the mobile workforce in the global economy.  But how do you know if you are keeping up with the trend? What does mobile … Read More

learning technology

Why Isn’t Everyone Jumping On The Learning Technology Bandwagon?

The average human resources professional in the past 24 months has been inundated with offers by suppliers of learning technologies to create apps for virtually every aspect of their business. Most of us are intrigued especially by the concept of … Read More

mobile health benefit accounts

Providing Mobile Access To Health Benefit Accounts Poses Challenges

The average Human Resources department can be inundated with a daily stream of inquiries from employees wanting to know how many physical therapy appointments they are permitted, whether or not they can claim one more therapeutic massage, and if their … Read More

sales training for team

Getting Your Sales Team In The Game.

Your sales force may be closing the deals and coming within viewing distance of their budgets, but they seem stuck in their traditional patterns and only paying lip service to change. How do you get them to look past the … Read More

quotes about mobile technology

10 Cool Quotes About Mobile Technology

“In my opinion, the future of mobile is the future of everything” -Matt Galligan, Co-founder of Circa “If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished” – Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola “It’s really hard to design products by focus … Read More

mobile learning

Give HR An Advantage With Mobile Learning

The past decade or so has seen a tremendous explosion in the technology being used within the HR industry. Internet and web-based  platforms are nearly ubiquitous now, and one area that has benefited greatly from this technologization has been training. … Read More

benefits of mobile technology

How Businesses Can Leverage The Benefits Of Mobile Tech

At this point, it has become abundantly clear that the mobile revolution is not slowing down – not in employees’ personal lives, and not in the workplace, either. Individuals have become increasingly dependent on these devices for a variety of … Read More

social technology for HR

Modern Workers want their HR pros savvy about social technologies

Fifty-seven percent of American workers think that “social business sophistication” is of primary importance when deciding whether or not they want to work for an organization, according to an MIT Sloan research report. The document, called “Moving Beyond Marketing : … Read More